Tasting Menu

Tasting Menu

Tastings are offered every Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 PM until 4:30 PM
We ask that groups of 6 or more make a reservation so we can comfortably accommodate you.

Chardonnay ( A Bronze Award Winner in San Francisco!) $7 glass/ $25 bottle

Superbly balanced with just the right amount of oak with an incredibly smooth taste. It pairs beautifully with salmon or your favorite seafood dish, or enjoy with a strong cheese!

Traminette (Silver Award Winner) $7 glass/ $25 bottle

Our Traminette is a succulent and incredibly smooth semi-dry wine. It pairs nicely with a spicy dish, Mexican, Thai, or try it with your favorite fruits and cheeses.

Petit Verdot $8 glass/ $32 bottle

Produced in a very limited amount and just recently released. You may notice hints of blackberries, black cherries, vanilla, or hazelnut in our full bodied Petit Verdot. It pairs nicely with a roasted pork, asian flair bbq, or an aged gouda or cheddar cheese.

Our Cellar Aged Meritage $9 glass/ $38 bottle

A very limited number production of our unique Cellar Meritage blend. Aged between 2 and 3 years in french oak. Has hints of all the Meritage varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Merlot. A beautifully balanced wine for you special occasion.

Blackberry ( Gold award) $7 glass/ $29 bottle

Our Blackberry took a Gold Award at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. This is an extraordinary desert wine made with natural flavors starting with a base of our award winning Meritage, creating a unique blend and taste just for you! Pair it with dark chocolate or if you prefer a cheese try Jarlsberg or melted Brie.

Off The Menu

Cabernet Franc $8 glass/ $38 bottle

An exceptional Cab Franc aged in new french oak for over 24 months. You might noticed hints of blackcurrant, blackberry, or plum. It pairs wonderfully with steak, smoked salmon, strong cheeses, or by itself!